David & Mary would like to say thank you to our wonderful Wedding Party. Thank you for being a part of our special day. We have chosen you all for special reasons other than what is written below. Thank you so much!  
April Starr - sister
Matron of Honor

April Starr is my one and only sister. Luckily, April volunteered to coordinate my entire wedding. If she hadn't, there might be some trouble in paradise. April was married in 2004 which I was her Maid of Honor. It meant a lot to me to be such an important part of her wedding, I'd love to return the favor. It’s a blessing to have such a warm and caring sister in my life.

Tina Poche - friend

Tina and I met while working at the Peanut Gallery in Dallas. We officially met when I offered her a ride home and I was playing an Al Green cd in my car. She officially liked me from then on. Tina has the wonderful ability to charm a room with her smile and to be truly charismatic. Tina is the kind of candid and loveable person who makes life interesting and a must have in a wedding party.

Tiffany Gainey - friend

Tiffany and I met in high school. April worked with her mom at Kroger’s and I was volunteered to take her home. Since tiff and I had never met before, she didn’t know what I looked like. April told her that I was wearing lime green bellbottoms that day, and that she couldn’t miss me. From then on we were inseparable. Tiff and I have been friends since 1996. She is sweet and caring and its an honor to have her in my wedding.

Jim Duchek - friend
Best Man

Jim and I met shortly after I started working in Dallas. He seemed a little odd at first, but after hanging around him a bit, I realized I was wrong... He's VERY odd. The more we learned about each other, the more we found in common. We both ride motorcycles, have an affinity for Linux, and, strangly enough, both played the Trombone in HS. Jim is an extremely smart guy, but his apearance would make you think otherwise. He can be a bit crazy at times, but life is never dull when he's around.

Adam Miller - friend

I first met Adam at A&M. We were both in some of the same groups. About a year ago, he showed up at the company and started working for Geneva. Adam's one of those "smart but funny" types. No matter what the circumstances, he can find humor in it.

Michael Trumble - friend

Michael and I met here at work. He was one of the group that got together regularly at the local bar on Mondays. I got to help him troubleshoot some Impala issues shortly after he bought his Gangsta car. As with most of the people I find myself hanging out with, Mike, too, has a slightly twisted since of humor.